Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Andes Drifters

Andes Drifters ( ) is a family run operation with the partners locally in NC and Argentina. They offers trout and dorado fishing, red stag & world class wing / waterfowl hunting, adventure, eco and luxury trips in Argentina. Each itinerary is personalized to the preferences of the clients.

Value, unique experiences and customer satisfaction are what ANDES DRIFTERS is all about. If great trout fishing in beautiful Patagonia that few have done appeals to you click here.  This trip can be customized for fantastic hunts, spectacular eco tours and luxury trips that feature spa, cooking classes, wine tastings, artisans, music, art, photography, designer shopping, native culture, hiking, biking, equestrian, kayaking and the list goes on.

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MORE DETAILS CONTACT: Paul Rose 704 616 6662

Private and group seminars available on Best of Argentina. Trips can be customized for anglers and/or non-angling companions. Unlimited amounts of venues for all at the best value.


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