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Carolina Bonefishing- full service fly-fishing guide service providing trips for carp, bass & trout

  • Fishing for Carp - The Beginnings

    Fishing for Carp - The Beginnings

    Fishing for Carp - The Beginnings Carolina Bonefishing with Captain Paul Rose is a professional flyfishing guide service started 9 years ago as a way to introduce carpin' on the fly to eager anglers like myself.What started as a small group of both fresh and salt water longrodders, has now quickly grown to a larger group of carp addicts. Being centered around Charlotte, NC and the Catawba river chain lakes, many surprising flyfishing opportunities exist close to the cities popular attractions. The "carolina bonefish" or the common carp thrives here giving fly casters a long season and the chance to deliberately catch a v worthy opponent. If your looking to hone your saltwater skills close to home or planning your first redfish trip, go prepared by practicing what you need on the water with the Carolina bonefish. Click here for a video. Read More
  • Redfish on the Fly

    Redfish on the Fly

    Redfish on the Fly Put those new carpin skills to work on the flats of Charleston,SC to Savannah,GA for redfish. Redfishing and carp fishing are extremely similar. Every trout purist needs to try these trips once. Fish from shallow skiffs stalking tailing and mudding reds along spartina shorelines,tidal flats and oyster bars. Learn advanced casting skills,explore saltwater ecosystems, sight-fishing and techniques/strategies for saltwater success. Read More
  • Trout Fly Fishing

    Trout Fly Fishing

    Trophy trout waters Option 1: Access to 12 miles of private water on 3 different streams in SW VA.(2.5-3 hrs from Charlotte) You will have a chance at hooking double digit rainbows and hopefully landing them. Plentiful 15-20in "wild" fish on all streams which have superb holding pools and runs. With minimal pressure these streams having something for everyone. Learn flies, rigging, reading water, casting and instruction that works anywhere trout swim. Lodging is available at this premier destination. Smallies and carp are available in summer. Option 2: NC delayed harvest streams from Oct to May. Abundant fish from brooks to browns eagerly taking nymphs,dries and streamers. Great starter trip for the kids or for just a day on the water. Great way to explore and learn new public access trout waters.. Read More
  • Fly Fishing for Bass

    Fly Fishing for Bass

    Bass buggin for largemouth and spotted bass goes together like superbowl rings and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Available from early spring through fall. Read More
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Aday on the water flyfishing with Captain Paul Rose is just what the doctor orderded for many of us. Get away for a day or two and refresh yourself in indescribable ways. Warning however, flyfishing is addictive if you know how to do it properly.
Brush up on your skills or learn a new way to fish and catch some exciting large fish on the fly.

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We measure in Pounds... Not Inches!


Big Streamers and Rainbows - A Day on the water with Captain Paul Rose

Captain Paul Rose is a NC Certified flyfishing guide and also has trips to other areas throughout the Southeast.

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Fun on the salt water.

Bass buggin for largemouth and spotted bass goes together like superbowl rings and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Available from early spring thru fall. Learn to cast bulky flies, fly selection, rigging and area hotspots around Charlotte. Along the way bluegills,crappie and catfish will pull on the line as well. Sage bass rods provided plus all other gear.  Try this trip at night, dawn or dusk. Excellent for beginners or those looking for a little nostalgia. Available as a combo with carpin



Fly fishing for Reds on the Carolina Coast


Redfish on the Fly Video

Redfish with Captain Paul video

Casting lessons and instruction with Certified Casting Instructor

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Planning a trip?

Planning your first trip for redfish or bonefish? Go prepared by attending my on the water "Saltwater Training  School."

Low country Redfish excursions. Prepare by sightfishing for carp.
Then schedule a Redfish on the Fly trip.

Some of the best trout fishing in the Southeast is waitng for us.
Let's work the trophy trout streams together

Don't under estimate the Catawba River Chain for some seriously fun sightfishing for carp.

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Join us on a Dream Trip to Argentina

Andes Drifters Patagonia Argentina

Patagonia Fly Fishing

Argentian Fly Fishing exercusions

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Carolina Bonefishing is on multilple Pro Staffs in the flyfishing industry.

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